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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

1. Discovery

Our team meets with the client to discuss their projects and learn about their goals, vision, and scope.

2. Research

After an agreement with the client, we start researching the project.

3. Wire-Framing

We then begin working on the website design by wireframing its skeleton. Focusing on the website’s structure and usability.

4. High-fidelity Visual Design

Subsequent, we start working on the design of the website with a high-fidelity visual design of a website.

5. Development of the Web

Development of the Website now begins.

6. Launch

The complete website is launched live.

Project requirements and scope will determine the cost of the project. During our first meeting, we will discuss specifics and objectives that may affect costs. Cost is determined by factors such as how many pages, what features are included, and when the project will be completed. For more on this contact us on [email protected]

The duration of a project depends on its requirements and scope. It may take a short or long time depending on the scope of the project.

Typical the client is responsible for providing content for the website. Our responsibility is optimizing the content for search engines and providing creative direction on how the content fits with the goal of the website. However, we can make a separate arrangement for content creation for the website.

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